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Email FAQS

Email Setup

Email Setup & Configuration 

To be able to use your email account with most popular mail clients you will need to follow these simple steps in order to send & receive emails.

Username: (Your Email Address)

Password: (Your Assigned / chosen Password)

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Please Note: If you are prompt with a tick box for SSL please enable SSL by ticking the box.

How many email account can I have?

With every leasing plan each customer is allowed to create unlimited email accounts. Each email account has no archive limits so each email sent & received is automatically archived and stored on our servers.

Webmail Access

As appose to accessing emails with your chosen mail client, all customers will be able to access there emails online via our webmail service.

All webmail links start with your domain name forward slash (/) webmail.

Example as follows:  https://www.(yourdomainname)/webmail

From here you will be prompt to provide your username & password to gain access to your online webmail service.

Username: (Your Email Address)

Password: (Your Assigned / Chosen Password)