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Website leasing made easy with TQA

The Quantum Agency simplifies the process behind building an online digital footprint to represent your business. Getting started with building your online business begins with following the quick three step process below.

Select a suitable website lease

Choose between Quantum Go, Plus or E-commerce depending on which plan meets your business requirements. View all plans

Unsure which plan to choose?

To better assist you with which website lease plan would be suitable for your business, complete a website lease application below to receive a free consultation.

Setup your website lease order

During the website lease setup process:

  • You will be asked to create an account with TQA along with providing billing details.
  • A digital signature of your lease agreement will be requested soon after your TQA account has been setup.
  • Simple vetting checks will be provisioned soon after your account has been setup to ensure your account qualifies for service eligibility.
Work on your website begins

You will receive an e-mail confirming a date when work will begin on your website along with an estimated completion date.

When can I preview my website?
You will receive three opportunities to view your website throughout it’s development phases. The third preview will be a close to final preview before your website will be ready to publish to the public domain.

Answers to other commonly asked questions
Fixed Lease Term?
The minimum fixed term period for Business Go and Plus customers will begin from 12 months. However, dependent up on other additional service requests, the proposed contractual length may be longer.
Is there any credit checks?

Upon creating an account with The Quantum Agency, in order to ensure that commitments to pay monthly payments can be achieved, The Quantum Agency may complete the following checks:

  • A credit check on an individual or business to ensure reliability on commitments to pay service payments as and when they are due.
  • A company record check to ensure that information provided within the initial lease application matches the details associated with the company name that the application resides against.

What happens if I am not approved?

Within unfortunate circumstances whereby the applying individual or business is unable to meet the eligibility criteria for approval, The Quantum Agency may be able to organise an alternative payment option. This decision will be at sole digression of The Quantum Agency.

Do I own my website?

After your website lease period has ended, a transfer of intellectual website ownership will automatically commence. During this process, the customer will receive an e-mail from The Quantum Agency to confirm the transfer of ownership.

After the transfer of ownership has completed, no further website lease payments will be required on your account. Although, if you wish to continue hosting your website on TQA network, you will be required to subscribe to a TQA pay monthly web hosting plan.

Alternatively, you will be given the ability to move your entire website over to a new host without any additional costs.

Transferring Domains Away

Any domain names that have been registered directly through The Quantum Agency and are associated to a website lease agreement will be placed under a domain lock until the lease period has ended.

This means that changes to the domain ownership, nameservers and any other associated domain preferences will not be manageable until the agreed website lease term has completed.

A domain release fee of £15.00 per domain will be requested upon requesting for each domain to be unlocked in order to transfer each domain in question away from the TQA network.

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