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How it works?

Print Guarantee

The Quantum Guarantee exists to provide customers of The Quantum Agency with confidence and clarity on meeting expectations of pricing, service delivery and satisfaction throughout the entirety of a customers experience from beginning to end.
Who does TQA apply to?
The Quantum Guarantee applies to customers that wish to use The Quantum Agency service for personal project e.g. (Educational), charitable or for a business venture.
The Application process?

Before completing an order for a website lease plan, the new joining customer will be required to complete a website lease application form which can be completed either online, phone call or through the post. The application form is required as a way of applying for a Quantum Leasing credit plan.

After the proposed application has been received, a manual vetting process will be provisioned in order to reach an eligibility status on whether or not the proposed customer can receive a pay monthly lease service from The Quantum Agency.

Manual vetting checks are usually completed within 24-48 hours of receiving the first initial application submission from the proposing customer.

Lease Repayments
Payment & Fee Schedule

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When does work commence?

Providing that your initial joining application has been approved, you will receive an automated e-mail from The Quantum Agency confirming your online contractual agreement for the service(s) that you have requested from The Quantum Agency. Before a commence date can be confirmed, the online service(s) agreement must be electronically acknowledged.

The Quantum Agency reserves the rights to withhold and/or provision service(s) until acknowledgement to each online service agreement has been completed and received.

After acknowledgement has been received for your requested service(s), a commence build date for your website will be sent within 24 hours via e-mail to the email address associated with your TQA account.

What is the turnaround time?

From when you receive your website build commence date, a maximum turnaround time of 7 working days will be applied to the website commence date. During the initial build, you will be presented with three opportunities to preview your website within it’s initial development phases.

The third previewing stage will be regarded as a close to final preview of your website before your website will be ready to launch on to the public domain.

Website work Completion

Soon after your website has been finalized by The Quantum Agency, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that your website has been successfully completed and is ready to publish live to the public domain.

To proceed with publishing your website to the public domain, you will be required to acknowledge that your satisfied with the work completed and that you provide acknowledgement of publishing your website to one or more domain names of your choice.

After acknowledgement has been received, your website will automatically become live to view on the public domain within 24 hours.

Website Satisfaction

If you are unhappy with the final outcome of your website, a member of The Quantum Agency team will discuss the available options via e-mail or phone.

Typically, in most cases, a link will be sent to your registered account e-mail address which will direct you to a form where you can specify what we did wrong during the development process of your website.

In such agreed circumstances, The Quantum Agency may propose to take a second opportunity of rebuilding an entire new website in an attempt to rectify any errors that were made during the previous website build.

In circumstances whereby you are satisfied with the overall website build but wish to raise a considerable amount of smaller changes then The Quantum Agency will propose for you to complete a Pre-final Website Amendments form whereby you will be given the opportunity to raise any small amendments to your website before the final version of your website is published live.

Payments & Refunds

If you are unhappy with the out come of your website The Quantum Agency hold the rights to the first 3 monthly payments which act as a non-refundable deposit. Upon the third payment The Quantum Agency will cease your Direct Debit, and your service with us will be closed.

Please be aware if service payments are suspended after the final deposit has been paid, The Quantum Agency hold the rights to the website and no given rights will be handed over.

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