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WP Videomail

Want to be in the know if we people are actually viewing and sharing your YouTube videos on your website? Get realtime alerts when visitors view, play, pause and share your videos.

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Video Email Invitation Plugin for WordPress

Must have WordPress lead capturing and analytic plugin for 2018
Allow your website visitors to easily share any embedded YouTube videos on your website to a friend via completing a simple video invitation form. Soon after, the video sender will receive prompt realtime e-mail notifications when their chosen recipient has opened the video invitation link.

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Realtime Smart Analytic Video Triggers

Opened Invitation

Receive a prompt email notification each time the video recipient opens the video invitation link.

Playing Video

Receive a prompt email notification each time the video recipient chooses to play the video.

Pause Video

Receive a prompt email notification each time the video recipient chooses to pause the video.

Exited Video

Receive a final email notification when the video recipient chooses to exit away from the video.

On Demand Video Analytics for Limitless Videos
Embed multiple YouTube videos to your website through the WP Videomail plugin that you wish to track user interactions for. Each embedded video features a frontend hosted video invitation page whereby each website visitor can invite their contacts to watch your embedded video through an video invitation email.

Admin Access Archived Video Invitations
Easily archive back to previously embedded YouTube videos through the WP Videomail video manager to view realtime analytics, video sender and recipient invitation information for each video embedded directly through the plugin.

Admin View Realtime Video Analytics
Website admins can easily retrieve in-depth realtime analytics for each video embedded through WP Videomail. View the amount of times each unique visitor has played, paused and shared your video invitation. Along with capturing key statistical data on the duration of each visitor session and when each visitor has exited away from the video invitation.

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Plugin Compatibility

  • Plugin developed and published for WordPress
  • WP Videomail only supports the embedding of YouTube videos at this time.
  • Plugin certified as tested and working from WordPress 4.7+
  • Plugin regularly updated with new features and minor bug fixes.

Licensing Plugin

Purchase the WP Videomail plugin today for just a one-time payment of £24.99. After your purchase, you will be given immediate access to download and license the plugin.

  • One-year Support
  • Unlimited Lifetime License
  • Access to future downloadable updates

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